Facial Transducers
1,5 / 3 / 4,5 / 13 mm

Body Transducers
4,5 / 6 / 8 / 13 mm
(24 x 24 lines pattern)

Transducer recognition and depth in screen

Energy density impact accuracy

Allows the programming of the distance between points

Up to 3 Jules of power output


New technology, actually one of the most efficients medical aesthetic skin tightening, rejuvenation and natural tissue regeneration applications. Ultralift HIFU EVO treats face and body flaccidity as well as the localized adiposity through the selective ultrasonic energy.

A comfortable and simple application with short, medium and long term visible results . It's compatible with other technologies global protocol, even for face or for body. Low cost consumable, allowing the access to this treatments to a big group of patients, improving it's profitability.


Ultra Lift HIFU EVO is able to generate immediate contraction, neochogenesis and elastogenesis in the short term at the same time it allows to incise in all the levels: epidermis, depth dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), being this one the last structure of vital importance for the facial arquitecture. The depth of this technology favours the maintenance of the tissue without any elasticity and firmness time loosing. In body applications the device has various focal points (4,5 - 6 - 8 - 13 mm) for treatening the different localized adiposities depth.

The temperature reached in the depth levels for the mechanic and thermal effect, of the HIFU system, can be until 65º - 70º making micro-lesions increasing the natural tissue regeneration capacity. Those temperatures exceed the 45º-50º reached by the conventional  deepers Radiofrequency systems. At the same way Ultra Lift HIFU EVO can reach a until 4,5 mm deep unlike the Radiofrequency systems that reach deep dermis situated over the 3 mm.

Transductores de Tratamiento

The device has 8 interchangeable transducers, with automatic screen recognition, of different sizes and treatment depth.

Face handpiece:

- 1’5 mm focal point. 10 Mhz frequency. Epidermic level.
- 3 mm focal point. 8 Mhz frequency. Depth Dermis.
- 4’5 mm focal point. 4 Mhz frequency. Face SMAS.
- 13 mm focal point. Mhz frequency. Localized adiposity.

Body handpiece

- 4,5 mm focal point with 24x24 lines pattern (up to 576 impacts)
- 6 mm focal point with 24x24 lines pattern (up to 576 impacts)
- 8 mm focal points with 24x24 lines pattern (up to 576 impacts)
- 13 mm focal points with 24x24 lines pattern. (up to 576 impacts)


Unlike the cavitacion systems, Ultra Lift HIFU EVO converges the energy deep in a selective way (the same as a loupe acts with the rays of sunlight)Because of that this technology is extremely safe, Ultra Lift HIFU EVO can be applied in any phototype without any risk of skin lesions, allowing it's use in any season of the year.

Real HIFU system of membrane application. It doesn't use modified transducers.

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