Different size electrodes

Aesthetic Applications

Therapeutic Applications

Cellulitis, Reaffirmation, Strenghtening

Treatment Protocols

Radial Shockwave (RSWT)


The Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) is very effective even for the  muscle-skeletal lesions as in various aesthetic applications. This therapy is based on the application of  repeated radial mechanical pressures over the tissues and the consequent regenerative effect and restructuration.

BECO MEDICAL launches ADIPO WAVE to the market, an advanced system using the electro magnetic technology  contrasting to the traditional  electro pneumatic (dependents of an air compressor), achieving higher reliability and comfort in the treatments

ADIPO WAVE is a portable and compact system, without permament consumables  per session. It has 5 treatment points for multiple applications (4 therapeutic and a special 1 for aesthetic).

ADIPO WAVE in aesthetic applications

The cutaneous tightening and the non invasive body shaping are ones of the most demanded treatments for the patients nowadays. After a body shaping localized fat reduction treatment , an application of a shockwave therapy is recommended to improve the skin firmness, it's elasticity and the new collagen production.

aesthetic applications

  • Cellulitis grade I to III
  • Stretch marks
  • Post selective cryolipolysis
  • Body toning and cutaneous tightening
  • Scars aesthetic improving
  • Fibrosis
  • Lymphatic drainage suplement

Design and advantages


Totally aluminium made, lightweight and ergonomic design. The ADIPO WAVE handpiece offers protections from the vibration for the operator and allows it's use with only one hand. It allows to have the second hand free to optimize the treatments and the functionality of the therapy.

  • Non invasive treatment
  • Without post-treatment recovery period
  • Painless
  • Simple protocol
  • Clear results
  • Versatil


Electro magnetic Radial Shockwave 
Pressure range:60mj - 185mj (equivalent to 1-5 bars)
Frequency range:1-16Hz
Touchscreen:LCD10,5” intuitive
Treatment points:5 units
Pre established and manual programs 
Application through treatment pedal 
Measures:45 x 35 x 15
Weight:12 Kg


ADIPO WAVE - Shockwave -Treatment

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