As a referent in the sector, BECO MEDICAL GROUP considers essential to contribute to the development for the professionals and is very committed with the clinical training. During the year we organize:

Customized courses

Courses addressed to medical-aesthetic and aesthetic professionals, even if they doesn’t have any specific technology, or if they have doubts about applications or treatment protocols, or if they want to expand their knowledge. Every course could be imparted in our Barcelona or Madrid delegations or in the customer headquarters.

  • Fat removing and rejuvenation with HIFU technology.
  • Cryolipolysis course.
  • Tattoo removal with Q-switched.
  • Technical Training in Radiofrequency technologies.

Treatment protocols

We bet for the continuous learning to improve the knowledge and the applications of every technology we manufacture. All the clinical department works for the customers and it offers a continuous and customized training.

  • Customized protocol of all our technologies.
  • Synergy and compatibility between technologies.
  • Incompatibility with other treatments.
  • Re-training, continuous updates.