Interchangeable handpieces
10 / 15 / 20 / 30 cm

Double simultaneous application area. Handsfree

Touchscreen with handpiece recognition

cryo cool med criolipolisis termocontraste aparatologia medico-estetica

Exclusive world patent

Thermo contrast body shaping

BECO MEDICAL Protocols. Time and temperature effectiveness


  • Handsfree application. Maximum profitability
  • Proven efficiency
  • Limited number of sessions
  • Up to 30% of adipose tissue per session
  • Double applicator. Two simultaneous treatment areas
  • Registered Cryologie system. Anti bruising safe technology
  • HEAT - COLD World patent. Without competition
  • Thermo contrast. Body shaping and drainage
  • Anti obturation system. Reliability
  • It doesn't requires maintenance

Selective cryolipolysis system, indicated in the localized adiposity treatments. Painless and non invasive. Thermo contrast application indicated in body shaping and drainage treatments

Crio / Cool – Lipo / Fat - Lisis / destruction.

It consists on a selective and non invasive cooling of the adipose tissue inducting the lipolysis or fat cells breaking (adipocites) achieving a reduction without damages on the surrounding tissues.

Cryolipolysis is a method for treatening the subdermal fat accumulation, localized on the hypodermis.

The adipocytes or fat cells are more vulnerable to the lower temperatures than the surrounding tissues and they can be removed through the controlled selective cooling in time and temperature. In this conditions, it starts a apoptosis or cell death process. The cells of the treated area are removed gradually through natural metabolic processes resulting in a remarkable reduction of the localized fat accumulation.

Various studies proved a high security profile regarding to the lipids level in blood (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc) and the hepatic function of the patients during the treatment.

Wide experience in manufacturing, development and market product leaves us a legacy of good results in the localized adiposities treatment thanks to the CRYOLOGIE system. Specific  protocol development according to the tissue types in time - temperature made us offer an excellent results to the customers who actually have CRYO COOL MED.

What's the Cryologie system?

BECO MEDICAL registered application technique.

HEAT&COLD combination and  automatic variable pressure system.

HEAT&COLD. World patent.

Thermotherapy starting application.

The focused increase of temperature and the action of vacuum causes important vasodilation. This way we can improve the conduction of cool to the adipose tissue (fat tissue free of interstitial liquid and blood), offering a better effectiveness comparing to other system treatments that applies cryotherapy without previous warming.

Through cool and vacuum post application.

After the vasodilation by thermotherapy, it causes a vasoconstriction by cool. It decreases the temperature in function of the previous time defined parameters, vacuum pressure and treatment area (according to the adipose panicle).  It's a process of progressive cooling to cause a local and selective fat cells apoptosis.

Automatic variable pressure system.

Cryo Cool Med has a variable pressure system, it allows the automatic oscillation of the pressure during the treatment. An important aspect is the comfortable painless application to the patient during the session, as well as the pressure decreasing on the tissue, it will decrease the possibility of  capillary and venous stasis.

Definitively, the system Cryologie allows a painless application, comfortable, non invasive, safe and without bruising in the treatment area, as well as a higher number of adipocites cooling capacity comparing to other traditional cryolipolysis systems.

CRYO COOL MED / Dual Application

Cryo Cool Med includes the simultaneous possibility of two handpieces, allowing to cover two spaces on the same area, or two distal areas. Example: Double abdomen, flanks, hips.

The use of the handpiece measures can be indistinct, and it can be varied according to the treatment area and size needs

The dual application and handsfree allows treatening a higher number of areas and patients, reflected on a important increase of the economic profitability, as well as in time for the professional and the patient.

Cryo Cool Med is designed with high quality materials. The device has two independent vacuum pumps. It guarantees a better stability on the vacuum pressure during the treatment session and it significantly reduces the incidences in possible failures.


An important factor in the application is the ergonomic handpieces enabling the adaptation to any anatomical area.

The transparent manufacture material, used in the treatment handpieces allows the control and vision of the introduced tissue in every moment as well as the comfortability during the session.

Handpieces measures 100 mm – 150 mm – 200 mm – 300 mm

100 mm

150 mm

200 mm

300 mm


Our manufacturing and development systems pay attention to the reliability, the comfort and the lower failure incidences too as well as to the simple maintenance of the device.

Cryo Cool Med includes an anti blockage system. Once you've finished the treatment it starts removing the cold-pack sustances remains to avoid blockages of the tubes and vacuum pumps.

Our design, manufacturing and development systems pay attention to the reliability and the maximum reduction of the incidences and failures as well as a minimum maintenance.

We make our customers and easy use and we avoid the innecessary costs caused by incidences.

Normally,  the failures related to the vacuum system, either for a bad use, wrong maintenance or product use, generates the maximum number of failures in tubes and internal pumps.

Because of that, Cryo Cool Med, includes an anti blockage system. Once we finished the treatment a vacuum system is activated, removing the cold-pack remains.

In the back side of the device it has two deposits, one for every vacuum pump, where the waste sustances are placed. Once they are full they should be cleaned and they must be placed in it's own original place.

This facts and an easy maintenance emptying of the cooling system, detailed by our professionals in the trainings, avoids a big number of incidences.



Cold and heat sequential application, improves the contrast of temperatures in the treatment area, making easy the liquid removing and the waste organic sustances.

The user can select the positive temperatures, from 5º C until 45º C. The system will alternate the programmed temperatures in sequential cicles, with indications in circulatory system stimulation and drainage even in body shaping treatment support.


Electrical specificationsAC220V / 50HZ - AC 110V / 60HZ
Maximum Power< 450 VA
Weight70 Kg
Measures50 x 58 x 95 cm (143 cm with support)
Handpieces100 mm/ 150 mm/ 200 mm/ 300 mm
Cryolipolysis Temperature Up to - 11º C
Thermotherapy TemperatureUp to - 45º C
Head-Cold® PatentZL201130025860.8
Cryologie™ Registered TrademarkM 3102507-2


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