CRYO COOL MAX is the safest and profitable body shaping per cryolipolysis device of the market. A renewed and evolved technology in cold applications systems with effective results contrasted in the best clinics.

This cryolipolysis device is characterized for a hands free used and up to four simultaneous handpieces use, low treatment sessions, exclusive technology and patented Heat–Cold® for the most effective treatment of the edematous adiposities and variable anti bruising pressure system.

This device has a great comfort for the professional and it’s a painless alternative to invasive treatments for the user with visible results since the first session.


CRYO COOL MAX is an amplified cryolipolysis platform with a handpiece without vacuum indicated in the treatment of fat removal.

A plane handpiece designed for a better adaptation in the double chin area avoiding the placing problems caused by other handpieces

A simple protocol of easy adaptation and low session times with effective results.


CRYO COOL MAX allows the configuration of different handpieces depending the size of the treatment area, you can choose between 100- 120-150-200 mm.

The handpieces are made with an ergonomic design for an easy adaptation to every anatomical area, manufactured with high quality and reliability materials, transparent structure of the handpiece pool for permanent visibility of the tissue during the treatment.

INNOVATION. 4 different simultaneous working areas due to the 4 independent pump technology as well as the time and temperature programming. It allows to treat different areas in different times and temperatures.


Another CRYO COOL MAX innovation is the new 120mm handpiece of 360º with Total Contact, it makes a higher focused concentration of cold in specific areas like inner side of knee and thighs, flanks and scapular fold.

It is important to HIGHLIGHT the HEAT & COLD technology, patented and exclusive in the edematous localized fat treatment for thermal stimulation and liquid drainage effect in the treatment area, this system improves the cooling times and the quantity of adipocytes. The anti-bruising automatic pressure system overrides the constant pressure during the treatment avoiding bruises apparition.

Our technology is verified in more than 400 clinics all over Europe with a manufacture experience and effective protocols from the last 6 years, offering a high reliable, profitable and effective cryolipolysis device in the edematous and fibrous local adiposities treatment.


CRYO COOL MAX includes a TERMO-CONTRAST, technology, it improves the circulatory and lymphatic system for the liquid and toxins elimination through the temperature contrast between 5º and 35º.
It doesn’t require the use of a cold pack and it is a hands free treatment protocol for BODY SHAPING compatible with different technologies as Vacuum, RF, HIFU, Cavitation and carboxytherapy for example.

  • Hands free system.
  • High profitability in session times for the patient and the professional. 4 simultaneous treatment areas.
  • Verified and effective patented anti-bruising technology.
  • Low treatment sessions.
  • Effective technology in edematous and fibrous adiposities.
  • Cryolipolysis machine and termo-contrast body shaping.
  • Ergonomic and transparent handpieces for control and total visibility.
  • Possibility of any anatomical area treatment. Multiple selectable sizes.


Gracias a Beco Medical estoy trabajando con el CRYO COOL MAX para remodelación corporal y eliminación de grasa localizada de una forma no invasiva. Todas mis clientes están muy satisfechas y el equipo además dispone de una patente Heat-Cold basada en la posibilidad de aplicar calor controlado a la zona tratada antes de iniciar su enfriamiento.


Conocí Beco Medical en el congreso SEME. Estoy trabajando con el CRYO COOL MAX para remodelación corporal y eliminación de grasa. Los pacientes están muy contentos de los resultados obtenidos y yo también estoy muy satisfecha. Beco Medical tiene un equipo muy profesional que intenta resolver cualquier problema con rapidez.




Después de años mirando distintas tecnologías en Criolipolisis elegimos CRYO COOL MAX y estamos muy contentos con los resultados conseguidos desde la primera sesión. El hecho de poder trabajar con 4 aplicadores a la vez nos ha facilitado mucho el trabajo. ¡El equipo ha superado las expectativas!

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