Bipolar - tripolar face Radiofrequency

Body Hexapolar + Diode lipolytic laser Radiofrequency

D.R.V.S. Exclusive Vacuum progressive whirl system up to 90º and Radiofrequency

Wrinkles - expresion lines - skin tightening

Body shaping, cellulitis, adipose tissue, reaffirmation

Static Endothermy. Vacuum + Radiofrequency 0'8 - 2'6 Mhz with cryotherapy and/or thermotherapy contact handpiece


  • Without consumibles
  • Non invasive and painless treatment
  • Comfortable and easy use. Without physical wear
  • Apparent results since the first session
  • Time reduction for tissue warming
  • Less number of sessions
  • Exclusive technology. Make a difference from the competitiveness

Comprehensive device for face and body treatments

With D-finitive Evo we had developed an exclusive treatment system, improving the Radiofrequency and Vacuum systems as well as in remodeling, drainage, defibration, rejuvenation and face skin tightening protocol.

D.R.V.S. (Digital Rotation Vacuum System)

Exclusive BECO MEDICAL system of lateral progressive whirl.

Tissue mobilization - Defibration - Drainage

  • Allows you to select the whirl angle gradually from 10º to 90º and the whirl frequency from 1 to 5 Hz. Working through any tissue, oedematous or fibrous, without bruise risk. Pulsed and continuous system.
  • Vacuum and Radiofrequency dual emission system included. Reduces the impedance and the resistance for the further Endothermy treatment. Decrease the treatment times and deep warm of the tissue.
  • High capacity of mobilization due to it's handpiece of different diameter, adaptative to any anatomical area.


Vacuum + static Radiofrequency with 0`8 - 2'6 MHz frequency

Body shaping, cellulitis, adipose tissue, flaccidity

  • Static application, great warming capacity and comfortable for the therapist, without physical wear.
  • Two selectable frequencies according to depth needed.
  • Contact applicator Cryotherapy selectable until -5ºC. Maximum treatment safety without patient discomfort for temperature excess. Thermal intolerances, sensitive skins.
  • Contact applicator  thermal selectable until 45ºC. Fast temperature increase treatments.

Plane Electrode Radiofrequency

D- Finitive Evo includes 3 bipolar emission handpieces.

Handpieces without vacuum technology, ergonomic and lightweight for an easy application.

Suitable for face and body application.

Anatomical areas where the Vacuum technology application is inadvisable, upper extremities (arms), avoiding the possibility to generate flaccidity, double chin, neck, neckline, face oval, difficult access and sensibility areas, inner thigh and knee.

Bipolar: Periorbicular area, perilabial.

Tripolar: Face oval, forehead, neck and neckline.

Hexapolar: Arms, inner thigh and knee.

Treatment Handpieces

D.R.V.S. Suitable for Restyling - Mobilization - Drainage

Endothermy Suitable for Cellulitis – Adipose tissue – Reaffirmation

Plane electrode. Suitable for face and body treatments. Sensitive Areas and/or difficult access ones.

D.R.V.S Handpiece

Endothermy Handpiece

Bipolar Handpiece

Tripolar Handpiece

Hexapolar Handpiece

Technical Specifications

Electrical specifications:AC220V / 50HZ - AC210V / 60HZ
Max power:250 Watt
RF Bipolar frequency:0,8 Mhz and 2,6 Mhz
Phototherapy:610 nm and 650 nm
D.R.V.S Handpiece (Handpiece 1)Lateral rotation until 90º  and whirl frequency  1-5 Hz
Static Endothermy handpiece (Handpiece 2)Application time max. 15 sec. mode static
Vacuum Frequency pulse (Handpiece 2)0,5 - 10Hz
Cryotherapy / Thermotherapy (Handpiece 2)Until -5ºC - 44ºC
Weight / Measures:60 Kg / 47 x 47 x 125 cm
Rf Bipolar Tripolar 
Power:250 W
Frequency:2,6 Mhz
RF Hexapolar lipolytic 
Power / Frequency:250 W  - 2,6 Mhz
Lipolytic diode power:40 mW


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