Radial shockwave treatments and electromagnetic pulse, based in the repeated application of mechanical pressures over the tissue in non invasive aesthetic.

An essential device because of its versatility and easy combination due to the absence of thermal effect.

The inner ballistic inside the handpiece is electromagnetic accelerated transferring the kinetic energy to the header, in this point is where the highest quantity of energy is focused.

The shockwaves will be extended in a radial and divergent way from the contact area until the desired treatment area.

We can change frequency and power for being selectives in higher or lower tissue depth.

The impact causes a vibration in the tissue, this mechanical energy will be absorbed by the different structures unleashing a set of physical effects with effective results in a lot of treatments.

The mechanical stimulation is able to activate repairing systems in the cell structure, under the destruction levels. It makes this technology a non invasive and accepted method by any kind of patient. The action areas of this technology will be produced in areas with impedance changes and especially in the interface of bone and soft tissue.

One of the most efficient treatments for cellulite. The improvement of the lymphatic circulation, decreasing of the edema in the adipocytes, improvement of the cellular interchange processes, the antioxidant effect for decreasing of free radicals and the decreasing of the fibrotic processes causing tightening and straightening effects in the treated area. Those aesthetic affections are the most important applications with shockwave.

  • Cellulite grade I to III.
  • Improvement of stretch marks.
  • Post-cryolipolysis treatments.
  • Muscle toning and skin tightening.
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques complement
  • Treatment of localized fat.
  • Long duration and low cost ballistic
  • Lightweight and ergonomic header
  • 5 different header diameters
  • 5 pressure Bars
  • Great versatility and technology combination


Estoy trabajando con el equipo ADIPO WAVE y los resultados en tonificación y tensado cutáneo has sido muy satisfactorios. Me gusta trabajar con Beco Medical y tienen un equipo muy eficiente.


El trabajo con ADIPO WAVE nos ha proporcionado grandes resultados. El equipo de Beco medical nos ofreció un estupendo servicio técnico, formativo y publicitario estupendo




El trabajo con ADIPO WAVE es muy efectivo en reducción de volumen abdominal y flancos y mejora sorprendentemente los nódulos. Combinado con, otras tecnologías, mejora también el tensado cutáneo.

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